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About Your K9 Coach

K9 Coaching is owned and operated by me, Christi Raak.  I have dedicated the last 26 years to volunteering with breed rescue groups, search and rescue groups, researching, learning, teaching classes, training and instructing.  My experience with handling and training dogs expands from pet dog basics, training and handling therapy dogs, agility, rally, nose work, behavior modification to training professional working dogs and their handlers for Law Enforcement, Odor detection (odors included human remain, narcotics, accelerants, explosives, shell casing/fire arms and articles) and tracking/trailing. Not only do I love spending time helping pet owners and their pups, I also teach and instruct handlers who's passion is finding missing people in search and rescue.  I am firm believer that all situations and dogs are different and we have to train the dog in front of us.  

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